Stuart was fishing in a sea of loneliness for his dream; he just did​​n’t know it yet. He lived his life in the imaginary world of his own illusions, surrounded by a wall of fear and doubt. Stuart was a storyteller, and his tales were all fictional. As Stuart plodded down the road, he was unaware that the people he would meet during this wacky yet wonderful winter on Wiggly Way would change his life, and he would finally have a real story to tell.
The Wacky Winter on Wiggly Way

 The Wacky Winter on Wiggly Way  is a 120 page middle readers novel about fear, loss and pain written for 9-12 year olds. What began as an evening of writing down his thoughts and feelings evolved into a great tale of redemption two years later. The impetus for this book was David's need to explain to his children the barriers he faced during his own adversity. He created the concept of Stuart a storyteller, a group of well-honed characters and now David has a REAL story to tell. This book is the first in a series that introduces children to healthy coping skills as pre-teens.

-Opening paragraph of The Wacky Winter on Wiggly Way​